We are committed to innovation and great results.

East Consult assist companies in doing business and achieve remarkable results. We specialize in B2B, and we know that trustworthiness and experience are required to catalyze, control and guide projects in the right direction. For more than 28 years we have helped clients all over the world exchange knowledge, money and products.

We have a majority of Russian and Eastern European clients, but over the years we have acquired a broad global profile. “We know that experience is the key to achieving great results”. Dedication, quality and professionalism are imperative at East Consult. We strive for perfection, and we only work with experienced and reliable partners.

Just like us, our partners are fully committed to provide products and services that meet our customers’ needs. We believe that a fruitful business relationship must be built on respect and mutual considerations between customer and supplier.

Over the years we have provided supervision, transportation, goods and banking services to many clients all over the world, and we know that commitment, respect and mutual consideration brings great results.

Executive member of the board – Per Ørnstrup

East Consult is a company you can rely upon. Whether you want to buy, sell or transport a product, you can trust that we get the job done. We work with large corporations, but we also assist smaller companies in different countries around the world. With the right business connections and cultural skills we help and partner with companies in all shapes and sizes.


During the last 20 years a sister company EC POWER A/S has grown to become the technologically leading European producer of combined heat and power plants ranging from 3 to 80 kWel. Over 8,500 XRGI® systems have already been sold in more than 27 European countries. Over 20 patents are now testament to the unique innovative strength of EC POWER.

In 2014 the EC POWER ACADEMY was founded to impart knowledge to clients from industry, town councils, real eastates, trades, distributors and municipal works.